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Terms & conditions Policy

Parent or Guardian’s   TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  • Driver’s Education & Training MUST Be Completed Within (9) nine Months From Date of Registration
  • Between nine (9) months and twelve (12) months, any payments made
  • will be forfeited and an additional fee of  $75.00 dollar will be charged
  • for every two hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instruction needed.
  • After (12) months from the enrollment date (first payment date), any Behind-the Wheels
  • not completed will be charged the current rate of $135.00 for every (2) hour lesson
  • of Behind-the-Wheel needed.
  • There will be a $75.00 fee for any Behind-the-Wheel appointments Missed or Canceled
    without 24 hours notice.  Students appearing for a Behind-the-Wheel lesson without
    a valid permit will be subject to this fee.
  • Kern Driving & Traffic School will not issue any Refunds after the Course has begun.
  • Kern Driving & Traffic School will not issue any refunds after 90 days from the first payment day.
  • Kern Driving & Traffic School provides free pick-up and drop-off for the
    6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel lessons ONLY in the Bakersfield area.
    Students from outside the Bakersfield area, will have to meet at
    the School office at 2416 F Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301.


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    The default setting for your web browser is to have cookies enabled, so unless
    you have personally disabled cookie handling, you may continue with the course.
  • GETTING DISCONNECTED   While using the internet users may get disconnected.
    Getting disconnected can be due to another call coming in via call waiting, a lost
    carrier connection, or your computer crashing.It is important to note that as you complete each of the required unit sections
    and unit tests, your progress will be recorded. If you are knocked off line prior to
    finishing a unit section or while taking a unit test, you will have to go back to that
    unit section or test and complete it.We cannot control your internet connection and are therefore not responsible for any
    issues regarding getting online or getting disconnected.  If these issues do occur, it is
    advised that you contact your internet service provider.
  • GENERAL WAIVER   Kern Driving & Traffic School does not assume any liability,
    expressed or implied as to the use of the information contained herein.  Any and all
    damages that may arise from the use of any of the information contained herein will
    not be the responsibility of the Kern Driving and Traffic School or its authors without
    limitation.  Enrollment in this program will serve as your agreement to the provisions
    above.  Kern Driving &Traffic School acknowledges that much of the material contained
    herein was derived from the California Vehicle Code, the Department of Motor Vehicles
    Handbook, and National Highway Traffic Safety Facts (NHTSA).
    Kern Driving & Traffic School shall assume no liability for either data loss
    or site inactivity due to unforeseen technology related occurrences.
  • Thank you for choosing Kern Driving & Traffic School as your On-line Course Provider.
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